Hi. I’m Elizabeth LeMoine. I am a photographer, creating photographs that tell your stories, that inspire and entice. I work with small businesses, restaurants, and the occasional family. 

How did I become a photographer? My passion for photography began when I was 12 when my dad gave me my first camera. My science and math focused father once confessed he regretted buying me that camera and instead wished he had given me a microscope. 

In college I spent several years studying biology, but found myself frustrated with the path I was on. I transferred to the Brooks Institute of Photography, where I continued learning the foundations of photography using a very basic 4x5 camera and the darkroom. 

After Brooks I discovered a second passion: business. I managed several restaurants and even had a brief spell working in operations for an investment firm. 

Eventually I really missed photography and craved to start my own business. In January of 2014 I became a full time photographer and business owner.

I believe my dad’s math and science push has never escaped me. It has shaped me into a curious, creative, yet very practical photographer and business owner. 

Why am I passionate about photography? I love beautiful light. Nothing will drive me more nuts than gorgeous natural light surrounding me, but I cannot pause to capture the moment in my camera. I love composition. Lines, framing, patterns, they all give me butterflies of excitement. 

What do I do in addition to photography? I love to hike in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, Jason, and our sweet border collie mix, Ruby. I'm often volunteering in my community, cooking new recipes, rock climbing, knitting, and traveling in the US and Canada discovering new towns and nature's treasures. 

I would love to hear from you. You can contact me through this form. Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!