Last Family Photo Session by Elizabeth LeMoine

It is a hard decision to make, but I decided several months ago to focus my photography solely on working with businesses. When I first transitioned back to commercial work, I thought I would be able to take a family from time to time, but discovered focusing on several areas of photography was too much. 

Here is my very last family photo session I did back in September. This warm and happy family found me through a donation I made to Bainbridge Island Cooperative Nursery School's annual auction last year. Thank you to the many families I had the pleasure of working with!

New Barrecor Photos by Elizabeth LeMoine

I was recently brought back into Barrecor to take more photographs for their website. The last time I photographed Barrecor, the doors weren't open yet. It was wonderful seeing Barrecor packed with so many very happy clients.

Seeing Barrecor in action, I decided to join up. During an hour workout, I am pushed hard, and because of that, the results are fast! After about a month of barre, I'm already feeling more toned and healthier. It is such an excellent way to exercise! I also love the feel of community as soon as you walk through Barrecor's doors. 

Henna on Bainbridge Island by Elizabeth LeMoine

It was a pleasure working with KK last month on a project very dear to her heart. KK has developed a line of henna that is gentle on the skin. Her goal is to use her henna on people going through change, such as pregnancy and cancer. KK recognizes the importance of making a person feel beautiful. 

I'm looking forward to hearing about how her dream has touched many people's lives (KK is pictured in the lower left). To reach KK, check out her website: